Stonehenge Sunset Paintings

Yesterday during our topic lesson, 3GH painted their own colourful sunsets and used black paper to create the silhouette of Stonehenge. We learnt lots of facts about Stonehenge, too – did you know it took 1,500 years to make?

Here are some of our Stonehenge silhouette paintings!



Stone Age Amnesty Day!

Year 3 had an exciting day on Friday for their Stone Age Amnesty Day, creating their own cave paintings and taking part in an archeological dig! Here are a few photos from the day!


Armistice Day 100 Year Anniversary

To mark the 100 year anniversary of Armistice Day, we took part in a range of different activities at Cedars Academy. Year 3 painted their own poppies, which we have now displayed in our Year 3 area. Here is the finished display:


Thank you to Mrs Stevens for creating our beautiful display!

Science lessons!

At the moment we are learning all about sound in our science lessons – this week we had a practical lesson all about the ear and we learned some sign language!

Here are some pictures of 3GH drawing a diagram of the ear!



Investigating Sound

This week, 3GH used tuning forks and musical instruments to investigate sound! We also used cardboard boxes and elastic bands to create our own musical instruments!


Amnesty Day!

For our first Amnesty Day of the year, we made fruit collages inspired by the work of Italian artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo! Here are some of our creations!